Hire a Dj and Sound Technicians.

Expertise as a Sound Technician is very important to your event

Cyd Scott is a Sound Technician.Why hire a Disc Jockey who is also a Sound Technician?
Because he or she will make sure that you have the right quality of sound and at the appropriate level.

The Sound Quality and Sound Level can have a dramatic effect on your event. Weddings, Ceremonies, iPpod Weddings, Green Weddings, or Corporate Events all need different Sound Systems.

Aren’t all Disc Jockeys also Sound Technicians?

No. Sadly, most Disc Jockeys are not sound technicians. Because of this, they don’t understand the dynamics between space and sound. Sound pressure levels are too complex for most DJ’s.
What does that mean to me?

Here is one example:
We’ve all experienced this scenario. You’re at an event sitting at a table trying to talk to the people around you but you are shouting and the people across from you can’t hear you at all.

A Sound Technician can make the music loud enough to dance to while simultaneously making it comfortable for people to speak to one another. It’s not as simple as lowering the overall volume. A Sound Technician analyzes the dimensions and sound characteristics of every function room before your wedding or event to ensure customized sound output and optimum enjoyment.

For which performers has Cyd worked for as a Sound Technician?

Here’s a partial list:



Orchestras & Stage Companies

Bill Cosby 2003

Cirque du Soleil ALEGRIA 2008

Cirque du Soleil BELLAGIO 2009

Walking With Dionosurs 2009



Carrie Underwood – 2007, 2010

Jay-Z – 2009

Bob Dylan – 2006, 2010

Bob Dylan – 2004

Toby Keith – 2005

Willie Nelson – 2005

Black Eyed Peas – 2008

Nickleback – 2004

TOOL- 2004

Pussy Cat Dolls – 2008

Velvet Revolver – 2007

Green Day – 2007

Keith Urban – 2005

Luis Miguel – 2002

Star Sailor – 2003

Nine Inch Nails – 2005

Rascal Flatts – 2006

Rusted Root – 2001

Disturbed – 2005

London Symphony Orchestra – 2000

STOMP – 2000

Moscow Symphony Orchestra – 2000

Tap Dogs – 2000

Boston Symphony Orchestra – 2000

Boston City Ballet- 2001

Mame – 2002

Miss Saigon – 2003

Cats – 2004, 2010

All That Jazz -
2003, 2010

Sesame Street – 2000

The Wizard of OZ – 2001

Sound Reinforcement:

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